In China…

…never wear a green hat, as it means (for a woman) you are cheating on your husband.

…put your bag on the floor. The floor is a very dirty place here in China…bugs everywhere.

…the number 4 is unlucky. There’s usually no fourth floors in buildings. And the ground floor is known as the 1st floor. It gets confusing if you forget. So I leave on the 7th floor…in the real world that means the 6th.

…never show someone the sole of your foot or shoe as its offensive…a cultural faux pas I made in the first week of teaching.

…the number 8 is lucky as in Chinese it means “prosper”.

…never write your name in red ink as it symbolises bad luck and death.

…having or wearing a moustache is considered bad luck. You really don’t see that many men sporting one out here.

…the number one means “loneliness”.

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