A Jewellery Interlude

On this very rainy Monday morning, Lisa emailed me a link to the jewellery designer Jonathan Boyd who studied at the Royal College of Art (RCA). She thought I might like his practice and you can see why…his use of language, text, poetic and literary phrasing oh and the one and only bic biro…it all immediately struck a chord with me. This is my world too. He even has a typewriter on his “info” webpage. Monday morning smiles. Take a look at his work below. Pretty nice right? It is good to see someone using filigree too.

“I have long been interested in language and through my jewellery and objects I confront the strange and complex relationship between written language and the body. My fascination with words/language and the signs and thought processes that accompany them are one of my main influences when creating work.” – Jonathan Boyd

Jonathan Boyd Pieces: Case study No.1 in the latent potential in objects (biro) 2010 Oxidised Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, biro, A4 paper, Image © the artist
Jonathan Boyd Brooch: Meaning Becomes….. 2009 Oxidised Silver, Sketchbook, Ink, Image © the artist
Jonathan Boyd Brooch: Wittgenstein Filigree 2010 Oxidised Silver, Biro, Image © the artist
Jonathan Boyd Ring: Ring III 2009 Oxidised Silver, Image © the artist
Jonathan Boyd Ring: Hidden Message 2010 Silver, Oxidised Silver, Image © the artist
Jonathan Boyd Brooches: Impenetrable Philosophy 2009 Oxidised Silver, Jean Paul Satre’s Words, Image © the artist

This is also a good opportunity to mention the work of Chih-Chen Liu, a Taiwanese artist and recent Masters graduate in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD). RJW sent the images and info to me as he thought I’d like the materials used within her work… pages from books and paper. Although not quite to the same quality as Jonathan’s practice, there is certainly potential.

“Multiple layers of paper represent a growing person who is accumulating knowledge and experience to solidify the form of the self. My use of bone is a reference to memory and the imagination, connecting the wearer with nature through its tactile qualities.” –  Chih-Chen Liu

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