August Bookbinding

A quick Sunday post…I thought I’d show you a some images from two other bookbinding and bookmaking workshops I have done this week on Wednesday and Saturday at Wolverhampton Art Gallery…all inspired by their current exhibition on the American artist Ed Ruscha. Wednesday’s workshop was concertina bookmaking for children…however, due to the very random and inappropriate rioting and looting behaviour that’s been happening in the West Midlands, I only got one child through the door…one very educated 7-year-old who was fluent in French and learning Dutch, very meticulous in his bookmaking (and in art according to his mother)…he is going to be set for life. I ended up showing a handful of the gallery staff how to make concertina books…not a completely wasted session but it would have been lovely to work with the public and their creativity as well.

Saturday’s workshop was another of the sewn-bound bookbinding sessions just like the July Bookbinding session I showed you all a couple of weeks ago. This time I had an extra two last-minute attendees taking the group size up to ten people. At times, this made me feel as though I was unable to give as much attention to each person. I had more people to help so it made me feel a bit frantic, I swear I danced round the room, jumping on my tiptoes on occasion. It all worked out and everyone enjoyed themselves…I think in the future I’ll stick to eight people though. Another fabulous group who gave really special written feedback (thank you!), and another great set of books made…

So I have three sewn-bound books and two concertina books to make. These are personal projects…two for friends weddings and the other three are to be used as memory books for a very special family who recently and unexpectedly lost their Mummy (love to you Pippa and family).  I hope they’ll help the children to remember what a special lady she was. I think this Chinese proverb is true…

“You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.” – Chinese Proverb

…maybe the birds can build nests in the books for them? One final image…RJW saw this whilst he was in London this weekend…he thought I’d like it. Typewriter smiles. I actually own this one…well not this actual one, but the same make and model…it’s beautiful don’t you think?

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