July Bookbinding

I just thought I’d show you all a few photographs from a bookbinding workshop I gave at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Saturday…all inspired by their current exhibition on the American artist Ed Ruscha. This was one of three I am doing for the gallery this Summer…on this occasion for adults. I’ll be doing a children’s concertina bookmaking workshop on the 10th August. It showed participants how to make a sewn-bound book, and I felt a little overwhelmed as some had travelled from as far as Middlesex, Yorkshire and Altrincham for the day! Completely unexpected. Six ladies and two gents, none of whom had made books before. Some from creative backgrounds…one lady a photographer, one chap was a printmaker, the other chap a typesetter from the Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge. He brought in his portfolio to show me (shame I didn’t take a photo)…a collection of recent works, a very special treat. There were some beautiful, vintage styled designs and block prints in there…stunning typography that you just don’t see today…and it really did make me think that things are not considered and printed in the same way anymore. You really can’t beat the quality and love that comes from typesetting. So I intend to go and visit his studio at some stage before I leave for China…and I’m sure I’ll write about it. When I do a workshop like this, you get a real sense of the participants personalities from the way they construct and process, and from the colour selections they make. It makes me smile. During the final stages of the day, I always get a little anxious as I want all the books to “work” as such, and for the participants to enjoy themselves. I should realise by now that I have no need to worry as they always do fine! As you can see below…beautiful right? And all in a day’s work…


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