Curating collections online…

I thought I’d just quickly post this TED talk I watched this morning by Amit Sood on ‘Building a museum of museums on the web’. Amit used to work at Google, and pitched an idea to his boss about bringing together digitally museums and art, which developed into the impressive Google Art Project. I’m sure a lot of you might be familiar with it already but it is always good to hear how a project came into fruition and the personality of the developer…it’s motivatory right? It took 18 months, negotiating 17 different museums in 9 countries. His reason for doing this project was simply, in one word (whilst showing this slide below)…

…ACCESS as during his upbringing in India, there was a lack of access to art galleries and museums internationally. He goes on to focus on a couple of his favourite museums as part of the Google Art Project, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The project allows you to curate, collect and share your collections online, globally and digitally.

“The amazing stuff doesn’t really come from Google, or from the museums, it really comes from the artists…I hope in this digital medium, that we do justice to their artworks and represent it properly online…it is not to replicate the experience of going to a museum, it is to supplement the experience.” – Amit Sood

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