Rococco Red Pantone 18-1652

A week of travels, friends, family, a wedding, smiles and goodbyes…until 2011. China is only 2 days away, well the 24-hour flight time…RJW and I actually arrive in Shanghai late evening on Wednesday 8th September and I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. Packing…what’s that? Pantone colour…oozing excited confidence + natural fear.

With my 9R PhD proposal finally submitted to the faculty panel at BIAD and the FDRC, I am now onto writing the contract for interviewees, but I’m not quite sure how to compose it or what to say…the internet has been of no help whatsoever and I need to complete it today to get it translated before I leave. I think as long as they sign it saying I can publish the information that’s all that matters, right? I just don’t want to get sued.

Tomorrow I collect my beloved business cards and since the last blog post they have changed…well my chinese name has as shown below. It now means tens of thousands of lights…apparently it is a lot more “authentic and cool” according to Joshua…which it is…a horse thinking and reflecting on flying is a little more rustic. The new name is far more contemporary minded. I can’t wait to have them in my hand…or to start giving them out. Do you want one?

So it is super simple, and I would have loved to have some UV spot or cut-out on it, but time prevented that from happening and funds, they can get expensive and lets face it I’m not in the film American Psycho…I think they are probably cheaper to get done in China. I’ve got 1,000 of these things, so they’re going to last me a long time. Also, because of these cards, I updated and slightly overhauled my website so it is up to scratch for China. Nobody likes out of date information do they…it still the same layout, just again, super simple.

I’ll finish with a quick brief itinerary for you…China = 4 days in Shanghai + 5 weeks in Beijing + 7 weeks in Shanghai (+ Beijing and Hangzhou in between) + 3 weeks in Hong Kong + Christmassy Dubai…I might get time to post more before I go, if not, speak to you all from the East…

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