R is for…

…relationships with all those people that define and make me who I am, that I see everyday or more occasionally, for RJW, and the professional relationships that I am trying to forge. Today, I am attempting to make contact with my interviewees for my PhD case studies, along with building bridges for my fieldwork research in China this Autumn. A lot of emails are being exchanged in an international context.

On Friday, I received the link through from Indi, the Editor at DESIblitz.com, regarding the review of \”home\” at the AirSpace Gallery. It has a short curatorial interview with me, which I think they edited very well. There is a rather nice soundtrack and background private view noise to it too. I would love to get some feedback on it…take a look at the review here…also see screen grabs of it below, alongside a photograph of me being interviewed (taken by my friend Jacqueline Taylor).

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