E is for…

…everything I have to do. My to-do list is ever-growing, sometimes it feels out of control, but I actually love that pressure, or do I?

Just thought I’d do a quick studio practice update as to the shows I’m going to part of in 2010, and to be honest it’s actually quite odd typing those digits as 2010 seemed so far away at one stage and now it’s just around the corner. In January 2010, I will be part of a show called ‘MAIL Art’ at the Long Gallery, Glasgow. An accompanying zine called ‘Mail Art One‘ will also be produced in conjunction with this. As part of this show, I am exhibiting the pre-paid response postcards once used as part of the 2007 installation ‘Time Tells You‘ so I hope to receive further responses to this project again, I love the fact it’s ongoing and the process of collecting the cards from my PO BOX address, you never know what you are going to get.

Rachel Marsden - Stafford (2007)

I also hope to be part of ‘The Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library (BABL)’ created by a very fabulous artist Lucy May Schofield. The handmade book ‘Little Book of Fears…‘ from 2004 is perfect for this year-long mobile library project where visitors are provided with an area within which to express their fears, habits, anxieties, disorders and desires and a place to offload their worries. Schofield hopes the library will diagnose and reveal a lot of the nations woes. In a word, serendipitous that I found this opportunity…

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