B is for…

…book fair.

Yesterday I was at the 4th Manchester Artists’ Book Fair in the Holden Gallery sharing a stand with my friend and artist Georgina Vinsun. We came prepared with cups, tea bags and things to keep us busy. Georgie was knitting a rather beautiful cardi all day. I wish I knew how to knit…it seems almost second nature to her. The day was quite successful, a lot of interest but not much sales. I also had corporate interest in my handmade paper (made from Romance Novels) from a book binding materials company called Ratchford’s – a  possibility of producing paper for them perhaps?

4th Manchester Artists' Book Fair
So as I had some time, I thought I’d fill you in on what my PhD has had to offer so far but the internet kept on dropping out during the day, hence why it’s been uploaded now. As part of the course we have to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Practice which teaches you basically how to research, well how to be a good researcher. It is also a chance to get to know your fellow PhD-ers which is such a broad mix of people this year, some with such a fantastic sense of humour. Thursdays usually involve a lot of laughter. Smiles always make the day better.

Two weeks ago I went to Berlin for the conference Negotiating Difference: Contemporary Chinese Art in the Global Context held at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. It was a very intense few days (one lasting from 9am to 8pm) but I had the priviledge of attending all the dinners. Some people get very preoccupied with the refreshments, particularly if they are free.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Berlin
During the conference all I wanted to do was be able to speak Mandarin, speak it correctly and fluently, instead I’m on my 6th lesson and can just about order food let alone have a full conversation. It disheartened me slightly but at the same time made me think everyone has to start somewhere as people kept on telling me. I met some fantastic minds and some key people who I need to interview for my research including Birigt Hopfener, Zheng Bo, Franzicka Koch, Eva Aggeklint, Francesca Dal Lago, Pauline Yao, Thomas Berghuis and Davide Quadrio. Quadrio, founder of BizArt and Arthub, was a key point of reference as he specifically discussed ‘translation as adaptation’ and how ‘misinterpretation can change this’, directing me to a critique, article and interview which further discusses the notions of transcultural translation and the interpretation of terminology in the East. Although I cannot directly reference this article due to its credibility as a website (it’s not ‘concrete’ evidence), it has provided me with further material to investigate and locate.

Negotiating Difference Speakers
This weekend has been somewhat hectic but productive somehow I think, it has flown by. Now that I’ve got to grips with this blog i’m hoping to be more responsive! Tomorrow I’m assisting my PhD supervisor with the two-day conference Public Space, Art and Collective Memory at BIAD’s Margaret Street location. Another opportunity to meet some great minds. I’m responsible for the Powerpoint presentations…we’ll see how that works out. I’m expecting technical glitches, who doesn’t on occasions like these?

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  1. Hey Rach, great to be able to hear more about what you are up to – really interested to hear how the PhD unfolds!
    Congrats on the commercial interest on your paper too!

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